University of Fukui Open Access Policy


University of Fukui Open Access Policy


Decision by the Board of Executive Director, 24th March, 2021


1 Objective
     The University of Fukui (hereinafter referred to as the Universityhereby adopts the following policy on open access. The policy is guided by the Confucian precepts investigation of things and extension of knowledge, which the University adheres to in its quest to construct a future for humanity and society. The University shall make research outputs widely available to the public so as to contribute to the further development of academic research. It shall be fully accountable to society in contributing to the community and promoting industry-academia collaboration.


2 Open Access to Research Outputs

     Research outputs by faculty members of the University (hereinafter referred to as faculty members) which are published in scholarly journals of commercial publishers, academic societies or university departments (hereinafter referred as the publisher) shall be made public through the University of Fukui Repository (hereinafter referred as the Repository). The copyright to those research outputs shall not be transferred to the University.


3 Scope of Application

     This policy applies to all research outputs published after the policy takes effect. It is recommended that research outputs published prior to that be made public as well.


4 Exceptions

     The University shall not make a research output public in case its publication on the Repository is deemed inappropriate for copyright or other reasons.


5 Submission of Research Outputs

     Faculty members shall submit their research output to the University Library as promptly as possible in their appropriate version (such as the publisher version or the authors final version) so that it can be approved for entry to the Repository.


6 Others

  Other related issues not covered in this policy shall be addressed elsewhere as and when necessary.


Supplementary Provisions

     This policy takes effect on 1st April, 2021

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